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A Message From Our CEO

My name is Ivo Georgiev and I am the Founder & CEO of Universal eXperience Ventures LLC.

Our venture is the ultimate Vehicle Infotainment eXperience - a Dashboard Software for Anyone.

We are experienced, ambitious and passionate technical people, with a goal to blend technology with simplicity, to help people stay safe and focused while driving on the road.

Complexity of today’s technology solutions or lack of causes distracted driving.

The impact is: COGNITIVE - Mind not on driving; Visual - Eyes not on road; and MANUAL - Hands not on wheel.


88% of smart phone users check their phones while driving.

According to the WHO, there is a 400% high-risk chance of accident on the road when using a smartphone while driving.

How deadly exactly is to manage your phone while driving ?

25% Of distracted driver fatalities are aged 20 to 29

172,000 People were killed in car crashes over the past 5 years

1 in 10 People were in car crashes where at least one of the drivers was distracted

The auto infotainment systems currently used in majority of the cars on the market are not developed with the ultimate goal to provide safe and comfortable support for the driver, but rather developed to promote particular interests and platforms of the companies behind them. 

For example the two most popular modern infotainment systems are developed by technology companies like Apple and Google, and they are promoting each company's ecosystem of mobile devices, operating systems, and their own applications, with the purpose of tying up the consumer to their own platform. 

Apple Car Play would work only with an IOS mobile device, and similarly Android Auto would only work with a mobile phone running the Android operating system. 

On the other hand proprietary infotainment systems developed by the automakers are specific for each model of a particular brand of car, and tailored around custom hardware and user interface that the automaker decided to promote in their brand. 

Majority of existing vehicles on the road lack any modern auto infotainment system leaving drivers no choice but to reach for their mobile phones, which is extremely dangerous!

The market lacks products that are universal, cross platform, technical solutions that would use modern mobile devices with their most important and needed functions to serve the ultimate needs of their users.

The market needs a solution which is independent, universal and safe to use while people are driving in their cars. 

This is the solution that our company is set to develop. It will provide only the most important features one needs during their travel, and it will provide these features in a streamlined and simplified interface such that to minimize the time needed to operate, so the drivers can concentrate their attention on the road ahead.

The time is now to help us in this great venture for the safety of all people out on the roads!

We need your feedback and your financial help to develop this product and make it available to drivers as soon as possible.

We are looking for investors to fund our venture, so we can hire experienced software developers to make this idea a reality.

Thank you for your attention and we are looking forward to work with our investors to answer any and all questions they may have around our venture.

Please contact us today!

Ivo Georgiev | Founder & CEO | Universal eXperience Ventures LLC

Vehicle Infotainment eXperience - Dashboard Software for Anyone

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